wide range of accessories and exhibitors to enhance the environment furnishing

The way a space is set up or in which they are presented the goods displayed or foods offered, are decisive and can really change the perceptions of the visitors. Every detail counts, from furniture to accessories. The solutions offered by Artea S.r.l. are aimed to make the customer always feel of the local or shop at ease within that space, in a relaxing atmosphere, friendly and charming, and surrounded by beautifully designed objects: everything is studied in detail, accessories included. The company offers furnishings for locals in the world of restaurants and clothing, respecting the style that is required by the customer, by designing solutions that are consistent with the guidelines provided by the customer: the staff of Artea offers a course that can give life, along with the principal, to the establishment that has always wanted.

The company has a variety of accessories and furnishings for shops, including exhibitors and brings money, ladders, chairs of various kinds, shapes and colors, pricing machines, shelves. And then, a wide range of exhibitors flocked, good to expose small accessories and jewelery, or even transparent acrylic display, ideal for display objects, footwear, telephony, or exhibitors for intimate apparel, holders, and banners. Then there are the lines of mannequins, the choice of which may be decisive for those who want to enhance clothing and accessories offered to the public without sacrificing reliability and ease of use.
The company staff works with the best professionals and uses the best technologies in the field of design and consultancy, able to always combine aesthetics and functionality. Constant contact and attention to the customer, are the basis of the design philosophy of Artea S.r.l. who leads the project of furniture, from initial concept through to product delivery. At disposal for free estimates and different payment solutions, the company's staff is available by mail on the contacts page.