Furnishishing for restaurants

furniture tailor-made for bars and restaurants

For the design of equipment for restaurants the possibilities are varied and you can follow many types of styles and design: what is never missing in the solutions offered by Artea s.r.l. is the essential combination of style and function.

The level of customization in a restaurant can be very high: it can range in furnishing classic environment, marked by warm and familiar atmosphere, in areas characterized by a very original style, modern, minimal and essential, rather widespread in locals of last generation.
If it's a cocktail bar, the decor of the room is important to attract a lot of customers. For this reason, the company offers support and advice to provide to the local the most suitable look, with furnishings of good design and practical solutions to better manage the environment and to live the pub so multifaceted.

The restaurant, which is the real area where the customers are hosted, and the kitchen, environment almost invisible to the public, but that definitely needs to be treated with great caution and style. The decor of the kitchen as for password functionality.
The professionals at Artea s.r.l. move carefully studying the available space, the technical characteristics of the room used as a kitchen, the location of the doors that connect it the lounge, up to the number of chefs that will be used to design the furniture so as to promote the efficiency of the work done every day by chefs and waiters.The lounge represents otherwise the area of the restaurant in which it is possible to work with more fantasy during its design: the staff will try to get as close as possible to the personal tastes of the owner of the activity, without losing, even in this case, the functionality of the environments that would always be a priority, both to facilitate the work of the waiters, and to guarantee to the customers the opportunity to enjoy the place in a welcoming, comfortable and confidential place.