Showroom equipment

Design of furnishing envinronments for showrooms

The function of each exhibition space is to best valorize the products displayed. In order to achieved this aim it is fundamental the way the environment is designed and built, as the space is divided, the colors, the brightness of the environment, the type of display used, the reception halls. Visitors should be able to see precisely all exhibits, but their experience can’t be reduced to this: it is now a must to offer consumers a shopping experience that involves all the senses in a pleasant experience.

The designers of Artea s.r.l. start the furnishing showroom project analyzing the structure on which intervention is required: it starts with the search for identity for the new environment to be created, with the valuable support of the technical knowledge of the space in which the intervention is designed, to work in full harmony with the space created, and in continuous contact with the plant and the lighting, designed simultaneously by Artea s.r.l.

The experienced staff operate by managing the whole process of the construction site, leading to the testing sites in the agreed time, without ever sacrificing the quality of implementation.

The solutions for furnishing showroom proposed by the company of Lecce are always customized, characterized by high quality standards, able to give form, in any context, to the needs of the customer.
The experienced personnel of the company is accustomed to a style of work based on the control of the entire production cycle, from initial design to its first individual practical steps of organization, from the works, up to the inauguration of the point of sale: all stages of the fittings are followed with great care and professionalism, from beginning to end. For more information and contacts or to arrange a first date in which to establish the cognitive needs and possibilities the company's staff is available for any clarification and deepening.